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Get back to business

It has been long time for me not to write or say anything about my Laman Ampaian Dobi shop. Wondering ha? Well, since it can run on itself, I have started to continue my work on the IT job. Great news more job coming up end of this year and next year. However, Laman Ampaian still strong and the sales now in increasing phase. Ny now the sales can cover my rent, my 3 staffs salary, the bills and also the materials.

Funny but true, sometimes when I come to the shop I saw less shirts but the sales still at RM250 and above. I do not have to say the figure if the backyard is full of clothes. It is great to know if you have the best strategy in laundry business, you will get the result instantly. Many people in Bandar Sri Damansara now turn themselves to us due to our quality control, and the great smells from the wash of our machine.

Remember from our first blog writing? This area was empty. By now, the clothes start full in all area especially at the display section. Problem starts arise when most of our customers waits until 2 weeks to pick up. It cost too many shirts hang inside our premis. I am still glad having all this customers around. Do you know that one of our regular customers send 35pcs atleast for us to iron every week? Hehehe and average of 130pc of shirts to iron everyday...? Now I realised that 2 iron machines is never enough for us to stay ahead with the delivery schedule.

Currently I am searching for more staff to employ. Hoping to add another 2 staffs this month. The work load, the urgency in this area is very high. Now the customers not just looking for quantity but also quality. Its really enjoy when customers talking good about our services. But in thousand of good customers there is always 1 with bad mentality. For me this is a challenge and if you have no guts to face it, you will lose.

We create differences in washing clothes. Secret that we will never reveals which may take different among Laman Ampaian and other laundry operator. I love seeing people smiling and happy receiving their belonging in good conditions. I do want to hear people talking good about Laman Ampaian. All these motivate me to go further and improve more on the services.

It is sad that I am spending less time to write this blog due to the limitation of time. I am also wish I could published more articles about Laman Ampaian so that it can inspire all readers of my blog. Anyhow, I will put more discipline to myself to ensure my blog will be updated once a month atleast...

Oh ya, before I forgot, Laman Ampaian now is selling Laundry's detergent and softerner with a very cheap price. We also provide sample and other operator who wanted to have the sample MUST send an email to before any sample can be taken. Upon collecting the sample you must leave your business card to us. Wait for our next blog writing about this detergent and softerner... do not miss out!!