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Salam to all... Laundry business goes well lately. Since too much things to do, we now need to employ more people to do all the work. Of course with a better training scheme I have implemented, these staff I had need to go through interest test before can be accepted to become one of us. DO NOT employ people if you do not need them. DO NOT show that you are too desperate to have them around. Finally, DO NOT just employ them... put a hard test on them.
This is my new staff. Local and hardworking. I will made her a manager one day. Thats my promise to local people who want to work hard. She has accepted my challenge and with ZERO knowledge and guts to face people. NOW after 3 weeks, she can open the shop for me. Great ha? There is a lot of way to persuade and to give your staff a confidence. I will not share this to you because it will be my weapon for my next project which is to open my own Laundry Training and Motivation workshop. Hehehe...

This is another staff I have in my laundry shop. She is damn expert in ironing and organizing. I just need to teach her for 1 week and she so damn perfect for ironing. Honestly, because of her, our ironing sales increase for 60% in July 09. Now, because of her, I need to find another set of steam iron. It is not difficult to give knowledge but its very difficult to ensure its applies. Anyway, I always consider that we are lucky because to have her as a staff. Furthermore, she is now a source for me to get new staff in the future.

This is 02/08/09 picture and just to show you how busy we are here in Bandar Sri Damansara. People are now wanting to have their clothes wash by us. Funny but its true where my customers wait for me to open. We have approximately 19 regular customers which will send to us almost everyday. For me, if you would like to have a frequent customer, your services and your attitude towards cleaning their clothes must set at a higher level. Some of my friends who also the laundry operator think that this will burden the owner and staff. Who care? You may gain double or may be tripple every month. Not to bragg, but most of the existing laundry operators' customers has switch to us.

We have 2 ironing section currently and both fully occupied everyday. I can say that none of these iron can have a day off. Hahaha. Actually I always check the work done by them. I even ask them to iron back is its not at my satisfaction. Ask them, they know how fussy I am. Not even my wife can do it but for them its a challenge.

Can you do it in a day? I bet you can too... and its all depend on you yourself. Our record for 100% quality ironing which wringkle FREE guaranteed is 35pcs a day. The SECRET? Wait when I can open my own Training & Motivation workshop. Hahahaha... There is always a hustle in every work you do. The hard part is to train people. Find one is damn easy... but the right person is damn hard...
I guess thats all for now. If you guys out there have questions to ask, just drop it in the comments box or just email it to me at Don't worry no charge will be imposed... hahahaha ADIOS!


  1. wawawa vangurrr lah tuh ... bagus2 majulah sukan untuk negara ..

    nanti leh akak curi idea nak bukak gak kat kontan nie .. nak tumpang vanguur tuh ! ..

  2. Nak curi minta kebenaran... takut dapat surat lawyer lak kang... kahkahkah! Ini semua dah di trade mark kan...

  3. huhuhu
    alhamdulillah..makin maju...

    pape pn..teroskan...usaha anda!

  4. Syukur.... berkat sebut tiap2 hari... semua jadi kenyataan. Ape lagi... sebut la selalu ape yg Yun nak... lebih2 lagi lepas tiap2 kali solat... insyallah akan termakbul...


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