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4 Months Has Passed

All seems doing well after 4 months operations. Though improvement to another level has achieved, but still we need to add on some capital to cover the expenses. To be honest, when the sales increased, the volume also will rise. Then, additional hands required. This also will add to our operation cost. You still need your own cash in hand prepared so that you can hold on until the business start running well.
We have put extra precaution at our front door to ensure that our customer's garments in a save and clean place. The glass door which cost us Rm3k has brought a huge different to our customer. Now all races around this area has realised our existance and beautiful concept. Thats a good news. It is very unpleasant when you try so hard to get help from everybody who have cash. Everybody looking at you like a beggar. Anyway, thats business is all about. You begg to succeed.

Lets look at my concept. I may not able to complete my mission to get the concept I have in mind due to insufficiency in financial, but this is enough for the moment so that it can be operated. I cannot describe how I feel when I look at this picture. Its like "WOW! I have a shop now!"
Currently i have a very good worker. She can iron very very well. Since she arrived, alhamdulillah, our rezeki increased quite well. She do not stop until I say so. Like a robot ha? She'll do anything to ensure that I keep her here. Unbelievable. I did say to my prayer, "Give me the best assistant to help me to run this laundry shop" since the day I open, and now, Allah has send me one. Alhamdulillah...

Day by day the shop busy non stop. Minimum of 30 pieces of garments need to be iron everyday. Luckly I have this worker. She can handle all this. I still planning to find one more worker to help on washing and folding.

Dry Clean always come in by our customer. Talking about Dry Clean, a customer called Dato' always send 1 full load of shirt to be Dry Clean. Fantastic in quantity and of course with the work to be done. I am happy with the shop improvement... amazing.

Comforter as always makes this rack full every day. No easy to see it empty. What I am trying to say here, I will bring Laman Ampaian to a level a bumiputra businessman can never imagine. Thats all for now...
Here is a video clip I made especially for Kedai Dobi Laman Ampaian. Enjoy!