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Dry Clean & Iron

Dry clean job is a very delicate job that requires skills and understanding the fabric that being process for cleaning. The most difficult fabric to take care of is the Thai Silk. The color of the fabric immediately gone after it met with the water. Unbelievable kind of fabric to handle. Just think if there is a stain to remove from this fabric. Huh! You cannot just send it to the machine to handle because some stain is so hard to be removed though using the dry clean chemical. After all the hard work, ironning is one of the process to complete the DRY CLEAN. Don't ask how. It takes one day long to clear up all the wrinkle. Huhuhu... what makes you satisfied is when all the wrinkle gone. Some fabric, is easy to iron. Some may give you headache.
One more experience that I cannot forget is to clean the teddy bear or what we called soft toys. Its fun but when it become heavy the fun gone. This is where you can see all the dirts clearly. I have once wash a brown teddy bear, believe me the color of the water become black. So, can you imagine if you have a teddy bear and you never wash it? All the germs surrounded the bear.. urgh... disgusting... So, ladies... get your toys clean...

Before the ironning process starts, we seperate the clothes by customer. Its easy to pack later. Instead of iron first then categorize them.

This is my packing stick. My sifu tought me how to get things cheap. Its really work though.

Currently, we do not have a lot of AMPAI (The place to hang). Soon, we will get more to ensure at least 10 comforters can be wash at a time. Previously, I do not know how hard to clean up my own mess. Now when experienced it myself, I knew that as a human being we tend to forget about cleaning our own mess.

I will share some of my experience in washing the comforter later. I will take a picture and view it online. So, hope you enjoy reading this blog.