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Our Final Touch

After all the hustle we faced during the renovation process, we are now ready to accept the customer. Luckily we are invited to this community. They are all very supportive during the start of our business. This is how its look like before we received our machine. If I were to tell you about the hustle of waiting for the machine supplier to deliver, and you may think twice to open your own. Hey, there's no pain no gain though.
We cannot imagine can we full filled this area later on. Big huh?
This is the office that I have been telling you before during the renovation period. Which I have asked the contractor to hold on. Hm... one lamp is not working and this contractor did not do anything about it. He promised me to do it though...
So, this is how its look like at our front desk. What do you think? Nice? We spend RM10k for this things to be happen.
What I can say it is fun when you have the fund to run the project. However, the fun will vanish when you assign the wrong person for the job. S**t contractor is always say "I can do it".