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The business has just started. It has been a month since we start opening. As we keep waiting for months for the grant money offered by government (SMIDEC) to arrive, we have managed to take challenge to keep surviving and become proactive. We still hope that the help from the government can arrive soon as our reserved fund can no longer sustained. Kind a headache though without that help. Its like "Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang" huhuhu.
The customer always rushing for the cheapest one in the market. However we are not that kind of challenger who like to play with prices because we always care about our quality. Then, this is where the key words came out for our laundry shop objective. TLC which is Tender, Love and Care. We always mentioned to our customer that we put tender, love and care to your garments.This is the working area where previously its empty and now its full with our customer's clothes.
This is where we put our customers items after cleaning. Still not much but its slowly grow.
Hm... what can i say about this? Within 3 weeks, its full with clothes... All dry clean.
This is the counter for where the receipt and cash transaction is made. Thats my brother in law who has supported us for 1 week to manage the front counter. Without him, we might get lost... no one want to take care ma...
I guess thats all for now. We will always update the blogs for more info about our laundry. Anybody who lives around BANDAR SRI DAMANSARA, feel free to visit us and experience yourself on our services.

Kedai Dobi Laman Ampaian
No 2-1, Jalan Damar SD 15/1,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
H/p: 012-6454 385
Tel: 603-6274 8802
Fax: 603-6272 9902


  1. salam .. wow .. dah ader blog .. ish2 sompek layie .. heheh tahniah ann .. semoga sama2 berjaya dalam business yg kita ceburi .. dan utk keuntungan yg pertama .. ehem2 x nak aper2 punn cuma belanja makan yerk .. hheheheh amboi sampai biler tuu haji bakarnak jadi jaga tuuu

  2. salam .. wow dah sompek buek blog layie .. tahniah ann .. semoga berjaya .. dan kalau dapat keuntungan pertama tuu .. ehem2 x nak banyak cuma belanja makan jer lahhh hehheheh

  3. Salam,

    Minat hak beli sabun tapi utk kegunaan di rumah. Ada tak sabun liquid yg 10kg? Saya tinggal area Kampung Jawa Klang.


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