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2nd stage Laman Ampaian

A month has passed. Laman Ampaian getting more customers everyday. Volume keep increase everyday. We still need time to grow better and stabilize our financial and collections. A bit hard to say something now. Our prediction, it may take 6 to 12 months to collect at par. Any how, Alhamdulilah for all the "rezeki" given by Allah.

Great to have your own shop. Pleasure to wash people clothes though some people say to me that clean people's dirt is a disgusting job to do. But I don't care. Even today, I have faced to wash people's underware... If you got time to spare and clean and test the soap you bought it will be very great. Why? Because you can see how good the soap you've bought.
Long que... This the day when we received a lot of clothes from our customer. I cannot imagine how to clear this job in 2 days...

Comforter also is one of the things that we always get from our customer. We have experience 15 comforters a day to be delivered at the same date. How to manage?

This is me. Not to promote. Just to show you who is the owner. Not just as an IT consultant, now a laundry shop owner. Nothing to say about me... but a notty bold man

One of my interest is to decorate the wall. The mirror i bought somewhere in 2007 is now became one of the decoration at my shop. Nice ha? A dream that came through.

Still pray that my dream, my mission will come through. Hey anybody have contract to offer? hahaha. We still waiting for SMIDEC to help us soon. We need the grant to help us surviving in 6 to 12 months to come. Hopefully, what the government mentioned in the news always true.


  1. bro..congratez...berjaya jugak projek dobi nih dilaksanakan....

  2. Thank you... berkat sebut perkataan dobi selalu... hehehe

  3. hahahhahahhaha ... budak lelaki bawah tu .. memaang budak nakal kepala butakkk ...

    huhuhuhuhu ....


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